CT Scan Planning

About CT Scan Planning

computer-teeth-imageWe are one of a very few number of labs using Nobel Clinician for CT scan planning, and one of the fewer still to be trained properly in how to use it. This highly advanced technology enables us to assimilate 3D planning software with CAD/CAM systems.

NobelClinician safeguards the implant procedure with accentuated precision, through permitting us to use 2D pictures in conjunction with 3D views of a patient’s anatomy. What’s more, with NobelClinician, nerves and tooth roots can be located with more accuracy, and crucial features taking prosthetic needs, bone density and availability into account. In addition to this, we are able to simulate tooth extractions.

178785652Fusion Dental Lab is involved in some groundbreaking developments with Nobel Clinician that we’re very excited about, namely the use of 3D with the Procera CAD/CAM system. We’re eagerly waiting to see results of this combination that will soon be published, informing us of the mind-blowing possibilities of how implant placement techniques can be refined.

This CT scan planning software enables us to cut down on flaws caused by poor communication, guaranteeing a greater level of accuracy and it makes for more precise treatment plans.