Smile Design

Smile design is an integral part of our work. Fusion Dental Lab plays an exciting role in this revolutionary dimension of cosmetic dentistry that has contributed to giving beautiful smiles back to patients. We combine the patient’s desires for the idealized aesthetic with our knowledge and skill in creating restorative work that’s functional.

We want to be the link between the dental surgeons and their patients, restoring confidence and empowering people to make the very best impressions wherever they go.

smile designWe are all too aware that the treatment is of little value without the necessary planning that precedes it. We’re also aware that aesthetic prowess is hard to achieve, but our adept team of technicians have the skills and knowledge required to ensure that your patients get the beautiful smile they want.

We incorporate everything into our planning and our smile design work; from gum line to tooth proportion and symmetry, guaranteeing comfort, longevity and protection.  As with implant restorations, to be able to properly gauge occlusal accuracy, we ask that you provide us with thorough examinations of patients’ bites.

We have attended smile design courses given by the world renowned, thoroughly inspirational CDT and Dentist Christian Coachman.