Diagnostic Wax Ups and Provisionals

Diagnostic Wax Ups

454095255Great diagnostic wax ups and provisionals play a vital role in modern cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. Dental diagnostics is an inherent part of treatment planning.

A diagnostic wax up is a fantastic way for the lab, clinician and patient to communicate.

Aesthetic wax ups are a great way of showing patients the results cosmetic dentistry can provide them with and it is therefore a key stage in giving beautiful smiles to patients.

Fusion dental lab can ensure great cosmetic and aesthetic outcomes for your patients.

A well thought out and carefully planned diagnostic wax up is the perfect tool to do that, and Fusion Dental lab will achieve aesthetic prowess by using a diagnostic wax up from Emax to full mouth restoration.

Not only is a diagnostic wax up an excellent way for patients to get an understanding of the final restoration, but also good provisional restorations enable a range of other things, to name just a few:

  • Soft tissue management
  • Facilitates communication between the laboratory, the surgery and the patient.
  • Eliminates surgery time and costly retries / remakes
  • Ensures effective and immediate loading of implants
  • Improves occlusal accuracy